within my mind

i feel your soul
trembling beaneath the knife
the light blinding
sealing my doom

i saw it all
within your mind
within your soul
our doom was found

within it all
it all began
only made
to end with this light
and see it now
it´s all so clear
your life´s gone low
the end is near

i feel your end
within your soul
it all ends here

in your darkest dreams
i was made
and in my love
you die with me

your blood flows trough
my hole on your head
my unfilling void
can never be healed

within Your mind
you forged our doom
within your soul
you forged our end

within their mind they see your end
and within their tears
they seal your doom
it all ends here
1988 - ...
ef þið áttið ykkur á því hvað ljóðið snýst um þá eru þið nokkuð góð.

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