Behind your smile
Such beautiful lips I saw that day
My soul was fulfilled with a light ray
And they always were there
And she… She was Esther…

I saw you, oh cute lady
With that ring so sexy
And my eyes were so opened
Watching you smile every second

And I wanted to know what was behind
I was decided to discover your thoughts
I was decided to have your soul
I desired so deeply to listen to your mind

Patiently I waited for you to take out the cover
A sad story you showed behind your smile
And you so strong handling it and going over
I admired you so much and you overtook my mind

Our souls slowly got connected
And I recovered a smile lost forever
Me nothing special, not really clever
And you, so cute, sweet and perfect

Today I wish I was behind your smile
And every time your lips showed your teeth
In your thoughts it was me who hid
And you were so happy with my poems… with my lines…
Eduardo Rojo
1988 - ...
For the best madame I've ever known... Esther! ¨=***

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Behind your smile
“The moment” (When your lips touched my soul)