Who Am I?
If I had no name,
would I then be nobody?
If I had no passport,
would I then not exists?
And if I had no mind of my own
would I then not be human?

We are all nobody.
Everyone is special, nobody is special.
Everyone is different, we are all the same.
Is time our illusion?

The endless space stretches endlessly,
the man is born and dies.
To be nothing, to be nobody
and to never accomplish anything
but the illusion of own goals.

The image in the mirror
is disturbed.
Insecure of yourself,
But Why?
It’s not like it matters.
Lára H.
1990 - ...
Þegar ég er spurð: "Hver ert þú?"...hverju á ég þá að svara?

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Who Am I?
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