Moody Cow
Moody Cow
under a quilt
of lies
and feels
no guilt
for her

she holds
a grudge
and loves it so
that she will not ever
let it go

and so
not nice

spite so clearly
her eyes

she can listen
she can hear
but never ever
will she share
and undercover
this grimy snoop
digs in filth
to find her food

for smear and slander
is the fodder
that fills her cheeks
and gets her fatter

the lower she puts others
even her own brothers
the higher up she feels
her simple mind relveals
that only in her own eyes
is she wonderous and wise
for no matter what she tries
others see her pretense
and niceness-guise

at last we note that
she is not altogether
without pity
for she is not exactly
what you would call pretty  
1981 - ...

Ljóð eftir Prophetess

fright and flight
of time-burner
the first you
where is your head?
where is your heart?
Moody Cow