The Screaming
´Twas mid October,
The wind was roaring.
The town of Winsfield
was tired and snoring.
I woke up from a death-like state
and heard a scream from the garden gate,
I looked out the window
But saw nothing there
Everything was mellow
but nothing to fear.
I lay quietly, soothingly, heavily down
and shut my tired blood-shed eyes.
when i heard it echo through the town.
It was the scream, to my demise.
It grew louder and louder,
and i hit my head
on a hard wooden counter,
´till i´d have silence in bed.
It went away and i buried my head,
in a sweaty hand and felt rather mad.
I layed down again and felt my eyes close.
When i heard it again i suddenly rose.
I grabbed my jacket and my shotgun to match,
ran outside with a bleeding nose
and into the garden, the screamer to catch.
I went through the gate and pointed the gun
at a little girl sitting quietly there.
\"Will you stop screaming?!\"
I shouted at her.
\"Inside i was dreaming,
when you came screaming,
waking me up and my nerves are steaming!\"
\"I´m sorry sir\" the girl replied.
\"I did not want to make such a sound,
but i saw a spider on the ground...\"
Úlfar Örn Kristjánsson
1993 - ...
Þetta var ljóð sem að ég samdi undir áhrifum Edgar Allan Poe.
Á tíu mínútum....

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The Screaming