Today is the day
I must tell you good-bye
so hard for me to do
all I can do is cry.
this really isn\'t good-bye
we will see each other again
but until that day has come
I smile, I will pretend.
to hide the thought of losing
someone that means a lot,
to hide my tears of sorrow
and be somone that I\'m not.
I\'ve been wishing this day wouldn\'t come
since the day you said you were moving
but my wishes weren\'t strong enough
my emotions do the choosing.
I\'ll try so hard to forget
all the things I will miss
from simply holding your hand
to the day we first kissed.
to think that you won\'t be there
the day I need you the most
to forget you, would be easy
but I know that I won\'t.
to tell you good-bye
is something I can\'t seem to do
no matter how hard I try
I cannot say good-bye to you.  
1991 - ...

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I miss you
Don\'t go!