I am dreaming today
I am happy
I am sure
I am confident
I am strong
I am motivated!!

I dream of happiness
I dream of colors and sun
No pain, no mess
There will be heaps of fun!
I know I wont miss
Because my dreams I cuddle and kiss
I am sure because it's me
I am strong and I know what will be.

There's a fire burning inside
It is keeping me warm
I can't keep it in, can't hide!
It puts on the alarm
The one who tells me to fight:
"Take action, take action
You found the affection!!"
..so I just might!
Its giving me the power
That little red flower
It pushes me further and further.

I'll tell u what I'm about!

I will follow my dreams
I'm aware of my means
I have a lesson to teach
I will practice my preach!
There is no stopping me
My lesson, my means, my dreams will be!!

I will make the difference
I will be the star
There has been a big fence
I have crossed it and am aiming far
I aim for the big success
I will stop for nothing less!

Supriya Sunneva Kolandavelu
1987 - ...

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One of those days
Lost love.
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