i´ve been i love
i have been down
my world keeps spinning round and round
i had a child
dropped out of school
i wanted fame
thought that was cool

first when i met you
you were my life
told me you loved me
then went out with someones elses wife.
i didnt know at first
but then the rumour burst
i asked you about it
and you sayd no
you did it again
it was so so

one winter night
i told my friend
she was in my party
that was the end

i didnt want to live a lie
so i just had to say goodbye
my life was like a living hell
you hit me while i scream and yell
you helt me down with your strong arm
and really tryed to do me harm
my friends came running
and ripped you off
you kept on hitting
i got away
you throuw us out
me and your child
those 3 years of my life were a big mistake
a mistake i choos to take.  
1988 - ...
true story ppl

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