Iceland the greatest country in the world
Iceland home of the Vikings
Iceland with all your beautiful women
Iceland with the purest nature,
the best water and cleanest air
Iceland with your long cold winters and short summers
Iceland you with your changing weather
Iceland where everyone has it so good
Ohh Iceland! My beloved Iceland
You are so full of shit!
People hate you and love
Your people are descendents of slaves and outlaws
It’s a quality to drive a big car,
to have enough electricity to play a videogames that came across the sea
to have so much food that they can throw it away
to spend money on things they don’t need!
Your people are corrupted and don’t even care
Your people say you’re the best at the same time they try to kill you and trash your identity
Ohh Iceland! My beloved Iceland
Aint you proud?
1988 - ...
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