Nothing left but the fish
Nothing left but the fish

You are gone, gone.

My world is broken into two parts.
One wants to go with you
on your hitchhike through the Galaxy.
The other is stuck in the dimension
you created here on Earth.

You were the one that changed my Life,
my Universe, Everything.

You have ripped my towel apart,
and I will never be able to mend it.
A part of it is gone with you
on a journey that will never end.
A journey that you started inside your head,
and touched so many people, including me.

But now you are gone on your way,
finding your true meaning of life.
And I’m alone trying to find mine.

The world is filled with copies
of your thoughts and ideas.
Original thinking died
a bit when you started your space trip.

There is nothing left but the fish
that you gave us.
So long, and thanks for all the fish.
I will never forget 42, never.

Thank you Douglas Adams,
thank you.  
1983 - ...
Skrifað 12. maí 2001 í minningu Douglas Adams sem dó 11. maí 2001

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