Beautiful girl lost her way back in the day.
Trying to follow footsteps of a lost mind, wants to go back,
is trapped in her own imagination.

Covers her soul with a dirty mask,
stains her body with the art of her mind.
Draws one line down her face,
broken heart between her breasts.
Drops of black Inc run down her hand.

She closes her eyes, trying to see what was meant to be.
Riding a wave, singing a tune, into the sky.
Off she goes, living a dream.
Endless colours swimming around, making a sound.
Red and blue to see what is true,
yellow and green to see what it means,
purple and pink to see what to think.

No mind of her own, fire inside.
She sees the passion but can´t put it away.
Counting on her fingers.
Three, six, four, nine,
I want to make you mine.
Two, five, seven, zero,
I want to be a hero.

She paints a picture using her voice.
Using a colour not of her choice.
One line down and she makes a crown,
making a kingdom of her own.
Dancing around, nowhere to be found.
Spreads her wings up to the sky.
She is ready to fly and say goodbye.

Aðalheiður Hoblyn
1983 - ...

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