Dear Dad
In the sky i can see your name is written,
with so much love but still so bitter .
Sitting here alone thinking of u
and the time we had, so good so true.

May god give u the power to leave this earth
and spare no love in your new birth,
to be overtaken by love and understanding
and the flight from now on has a softer landing.

I think i am selfish for not letting u know
that trough my childhood i wanted to show
that there is much more love in me than hate
but i guess that´s how it works, fate!

I have so much to say dad
if only you knew how much i´m sad
i feel so empty without you
hopelessly empty and that is true.

You gave me this life to live it in peace
still nothing but war and hate that´s released,
i want you to be here and help me grow up
to be the little girl that loved you so much..

Dad, if only you knew how i feel
crossed mind and heart of steel
i´m told to be strong
i´m told me hang on.

Dear dad, i love u so much, take care
Perla Dís Ragnarsdóttir
1985 - ...

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Dear Dad
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