They came into her room,
found needles and stuff,
she tried to tell a lie
but her parent´s called her bluff.
What ever she was on
her closest couln´t bare,
the feeling, their child
they were loosing her.

With a needle in her arm,
the life was hard to take,
she didn´t mean no harm
or all those hearts to break.
The rush was just too much,
With her childish acting games
the sky she tried to touch,
her soul burned down in flames.

A sad sad ending
for a girl that wanted to be free,
asking her devilish demon´s
to please, leave her be.
Found in a room
filled with disgust,
remembering the life
once filled with love and lust.

She found her ending in this case,
ended it with the biggest blaze
bright shining light,
called out to her in glory.
this is the end of that girl´s story.

Perla Dís Ragnarsdóttir
1985 - ...

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