Wild card (of very well being)
Your eyes so blue, the world so quick.
All these lies they make my sick.
When darkness comes, I fall apart.
Lookin´ back every thing is black.

Where is perfection?
When nobody takes you back.
Who needs reason when you cant lie?
Who gives you love, she can as I.

What is normal what is well?
In garden of living beings.
Kiss of death can make my hell.
In the world of very well being.

I always knew, I used to walk.
These days I can run, I can´t talk.
I can´t slow down.
Days of glory are over. (Why aint you and me talkin´)

I keep wating but all I ever see.
Is the pictures of you and me.
When you are all alone nothing is free.
Till every thing is over.
1979 - ...

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Wild card (of very well being)
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