Mista\' Clinton
As he turned out the lights
Bill said goodnight
to his healthplan that flopped
and the bombs his planes dropped
and to \"don\'t ask,don\'t tell\"
and pants that fell
goodnight lies
goodnight fries
goodnight softmoney with chinese ties
and to Newt and to Tripp
andbiting his lip
and blowing his \"sax\"
\'cause he thought it was \"hip\"
goodnight Drudge and Monica\'s thighs
goodnight loans
goodnight Jones
goodnight \"cigar\"
and goodnight Ken Starr
goodnight trials
and goodnight files
goodnight \"feel your pain\"
goodnight Hussein
and goodnight to the DNA stain
that is still damp
goodnight socks
goodnight loot
goodnight George
goodnight David\'s camp
goodnight first lady
goodnight lamp
goodnight, house of ill repute  
1986 - ...
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