The rain falls as our hearts cry,
lost member of this hard life,
took our last breath,
we watch this lonely life go by,
as we try to heal our sore,
and at the moment when we wake up,
we wonder - what\'s this life for,
caus without feelings,
and without love,
we will never win this war alone...

All this passion in my mind,
lights this fire inside of me,
suddendly we don\'t need the sunrise,
caus suddendly we don\'t need to see,
all we need is speed,
all we need is neel and pease,
caus today we build our life on poision,
so our hearts wount bleed,
so finally our minds get free..


Watch the rain fall down as you run,
feel this freedom rushing through your veins,
caus you don\'t have to cry no more,
now there our tears are dry,
caus all we cried for,
was just another last lie,
and now our lifes\'re gone,
now it\'s all gone..

All those feelings you felt before,
sad mistake we all make,
and as we wake up our lifes,
we whisper - please, for god sake,
help me now or never,
this is something I can\'t take,
can we make it through together?
but then you watch your blood go by,
- this last feeling
and as we watch our selfs die,
we brake down in front of our lord, and cry,
but we know it\'s for nothing,
caus without feelings,
and without love,
we\'ll always think that our lord is gone...  
1991 - ...
Þetta er um það hvernig hugsun dópista virka og hvernig þeir horfa á endalokin..

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