enginn ..
For a moment I thought there I was through with life,
all I could ever see was a empty fog,
I lost my light on the way to hell,
I couldn\'t breath - I couldn\'t talk,
I couldn\'t feel - I couldn\'t turn back,
I walked through my life without a wision,
my mind was dark - my heart was black,
all I could hear was the whisper from nothing,
all I could feel was the sore in my heart..

Then I found my hand of brave,
then I fealt my heart again,
I fealt so save,
no more mourning - no more pain,
I stapped the dark,
I ran away,
you fixed my broken wings,
and you turned me back,
you held me in your arms,
and for the first time,
I found love..

But something happened,
happily ever after faild,
and for that - I felt so sad,
all I felt was empty and guild,
all I saw was you so mad,
our dark times took over,
we broke apart,
and we got lost in nowhere..

I wrote your name in thousand lines,
I screamd your name like thousand times,
I ran, I cried, I wrote down lies,
I cuted me until I found a life,
but something was missing,
something was lost,
I lost the only thing,
there could give me love ..

But god was good,
he forgott my mistakes,
and so did you,
and now I\'ll do what ever it takes,
so we can make it through,
so again - we\'ll be together,
so again we\'ll be one ..  
1991 - ...
Þetta ljóð er tileinkað góðum vini mínum og fjallar um hvernig samband okakr hefur verið..

Ljóð eftir Haffa

enginn ..