Heaven is the place between,
all good inside me.
How can the world be so mean,
and when will I see?
That this is heaven,
for no one but me.
I have to defend it,
like this is the place to be.
There I´m free.

Why do I put my self on a petastol?
When we speak I speak a lie.
I can see the ground below,
chaus I´m standing so high.
You never said
you wouldint make mistakes.
You´re only humen.
But still my heart aches.

I want what I want.
And I will put up a fight.
I just want sunshine every night.
I only want the good,
not a bit aff all the bad.
I hate these things that make me sad.
But one thing is clear,
I where a halo,
when you see me, standing here.
can you feel the fear?

Of all the things,
I will give to you.
The most perfect gift will be wings.
Then you can fly up here,
rescue me, my personality.
We will face the fear.
Chaus this all feels wrong,
and now my eye´s see.
That I dont belong,
in heaven just for me.  
1985 - ...
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