Clouds in the morning
The music has stopped.
It is silent.
I look around,
and all I see is people,
but no faces.
I look up into the sky.
The clouds are setting in,
the sun is rising.
The city lies behind me,
the mountains below me,
I hear empty conversation,
and words mean nothing to me.
Not any more.
I feel that I am without a home,
a hope.
I feel less and less alive,
more and more
...and less.
The sky is filled with clouds,
rain is pouring,
it is morning.
I\'m not feeling happy,
not feeling sad,
but empty.
The clouds make me lose -
and gain -
hope, love and confusion.
The rain washes away
my silent tears,
and the clouds live forever
in my heart.
Eyvindur Karlsson
1981 - ...
For Zhang

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