Why do I no longer care? [ATH! Á ensku]
My life is turning

all upside down,

can't stand all the learning

feeling so down.

I think I'm in love,

for real this time.

The feeling's above,

things that are fine.

The only thing that I really want,

is that precious that finding I can't.

Purification of my mind,

Is obviously not easy to find.

If only I was able to believe in god,

then maybe I would be able to smile and nod.

Instead of drowning in pure depression,

maaan, poetry is good for expression.

A cruel sleep,

haunting me.

Going deep,

inside me.

Now I only need to go,

with the damn mainstream flow.

I don't like it a tiny bit,

but people say I'm supposed to fit.

While I'm still young,

and have got a tongue.

I will speak up!

So you all shut up!

Pure depression, filling my vain

I want to be everywhere but here.

Why is my spirit so tortured with pain?

and why do i no longer care?  
1991 - ...
Tja, ég held að það segi sig sjálft að ég átti við vissa erfiðleika að stríða þegar ég samdi þetta ljóð, var að glíma við mikið skammdegisþunglyndi og sambandsslit.

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Why do I no longer care? [ATH! Á ensku]
Ég er hommi.
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