what it was and is--
Why can\'t only things be like they were
It’s not the same when I no longer can speak to you,
I may have changed but so have you
It’s like we\'re prisoners and we just can’t get free
It’s like we\'ve locked us up and thrown away the key
I see your smile the same old smile But then you take me down and make our feelings die.
I only see the shadow of the girl that I was before
Nothing real nothing anymore, I was living in a dream world
With you boy always by my side, you were everything to me
But now I’m only a girl
Alone in this world, You stood there so happy
I stood there alone and my heart was like stone
And then you saw my face
And I remember your eyes, Your face make me glad
Every time you smile I feel weak,
I hear you laughing, and it feel so good, What we see may not always be like what we thought
Love is strange and can change
How we feel about someone and what’s right
We can find or we can hide. I see you smiling
But you aren’t smiling at me you smile at them
You look at me whiteout a sign
I hear you talking
My words go trough you I am talking to a wall, I know I can never be the one you need,
Your always acting could and show no signs of love But I feel every time you’re around
some how You make me hold on to what it is we had
I don’t know what it is or what it is you do But the thing is like this
I can’t leave you, I feel guilty
my words are empty. I never thought that the time and the distance
between us made us so much colder. If you ever need someone,
sorry \'bout the things I\'ve done
My life goes in reverse
If you ever change your mind,
when the coldest days are gone
and the balance returns. I know it\'s my fault
It feels so cold, but I know it\'s something I deserve,
I deserve to be dead
Talking about life, what it was and what it\'s going to be
Take my heart and take my soul I don’t need them anymore.

-Katla sigurðardóttir.
1993 - ...
ég bjó þetta til um Minn fyrverandi en ég hef aldrei saknað neins jafn mikið og ég sakna hans!

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what it was and is--
I am Sorry