I'm sick and tired of this stupid game
for I know I'll never be the same
Constantly wondering when, where and how
but there really is no going back now
I tryed to let this pass my mind
too scared to think of what I'd find
if I looked closer inside my deepest dreams
only to find that this isn't what it seems

When I tryed to forget, tryed to move on
I knew that the happy feeling was gone
she never called, no words were spoken
but alone at home my heart was broken
Wishing we could have what we had for years
when I held you and fought back all your fears
when I kissed your tears and made you smile
if only for a little while
it made me happy, I love you so much
but somehow you've gone out of touch  
1988 - ...

Ljóð eftir Karitas

The last time