The last time
Can anybody find their way home?
Isn't it easier to be alone?

I held you're heart in little hands,
two five-six year olds making plans
Now she goes her own way
Frozen by the fear to stay
thinking up some lies to say
knowing they will hurt me plenty
oh please God let them hurt me gently

I'm lonely and I'm too tired to walk
But for you you know I'll always walk
and I've started walking, can't stop now
No, I can't stop for anyone
I've got troubles of my own
I'm trying to find the way back home..

Don't laugh at me
Don't turn you're eyes
Can no more bear you're stinking lies

Who ate you're heart?
Who made you bleed
Who holds the two of us apart?
You're cold insinde
no more crying
for heavens sake just please stop lying

No the wind can't tell you how I've been
wanting to lay down in your arms again
Will I feel you're love again
and lay down with you're heart again?

This is the last time
I will say these words
I remember the first time
the first of many lies

Something I didn't know of
but still stuck in the middle of
Many things I've forgotten now
and seen way too little of

Well I've been trying and trying
as well as I've been dying and dying
This is the last time
I will show my face
one last tender lie
and I'm out of this place

What happens when you forget you're name
when old faces all look the same
If only I don't bend and break
then maybe I can stay awake
Ii I can't stay on the surfice
then maybe I'll forget to breathe.  
1988 - ...
...þetta er ljóð sem ég samdi þegar ég nennti ekki að læra...

Ljóð eftir Karitas

The last time