Lovesick bitter frozen heart
in pain, waiting for life to start
behind my big fake smile i'm aching
behind my tears my heart is breaking
been trying to lead my life out here but i'll soon fade away, disappear
don't like the paths wich I have chosen
when I look back it's all been frozen
and I don't know myself anymore

Been writing down my hopes and fears
but it mostly just comes out in tears
I donðt have a shelter, no home to go to
no special place wich I can run to
when morning comes
I wish I had a place ti run to
But I don't want to know myself anymore  
1988 - ...
...ljóð um að ég hef ekki tekið bestu ákvarðanir lífs míns upp á síðkastið

Ljóð eftir Karitas

The last time