You dont care!
I want to be loved

You know what love is dont you?

No your to cruel, to cruel to be a human

So what are you?

I dont want to be alone,

Coz im afraid of guys like you.

Now you laugh whats so funny?

I run away afraid to the dark,

Crying coz the end will come...

You dont care.

I give you this so you can try to understand,

I dont think you will read it.

I look at you eyes they are burning

And your heart is like stone, why are you so angry?

What did the life do to you?

I know the life is full of lies and hates and evil things

But whats so special about you?

Yeah im asking coz I care about people.

But poeple like you hate me, they love seeing me cry.

Im just alittle girl trying to find peace ,

My life has suck and I just neat peace sp I want to die.

Please can you stop coz its really hurts?

Please stop I dont want to end like you.

Please dont cut me .

Atleast tell me what did I do to you?

I dont even know you so just leave me alone.

Please goaway! Im getting really scared.

You didn care... no one did.

You all think im dead but no im just so scared that I dont go out any more!

Why didn you care about me?


1991 - ...
ég var lögð í einelti og þetta er um krakka sem voru leiðinlegir...

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You dont care!
í hjarta mínu