I woke up last night
And looked to my right
The time was only half past two

Day not yet bright
But though for insificinent light
I hedded towards the loo

I could not sleep
For my heart is weak
And curious for something new

I was doing just fine
And sleeping all the time.
Am I falling in love with you?

Rejection, the jelous and heartbreaking moments
The things that make it hard.
watching you dance, hearing you laugh, seeing you smile...
The things, that make it worth my while.

You want to be free
But what about me?
I really can´t dig that deep

The time is still late
And I will just wait
Untill, once more, I fall asleep
Helgi Rabn
1985 - ...

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E-ð breytt
Bláir vettlingar!
Hvað vil ég gera?
Þrösturinn og fólkið.
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