The Ghost
There is person living in my head.
She comes to visit me every night in my bed.
I fight the demon, but he always win.
The voices in my dungeon start calling.
I can´t stand it anymore.
They come and visit me every night,
the voices, the demon, the ghost.
The voices are telling me lies.
The demon is trying to control me.
But the ghost,
she is telling me things I don´t know.
I believe her.
But you don´t.

She smile to you,
you can´t see her.
She speaks to you,
you can´t hear her.
She is right behind you,
you can´t sense it.
She is real,
you don´t know it.

But I can see her,
I can hear her,
I can sense her,
I believe her.

The princess of the dark has made my mind her home
My haunted head won´t leave me alone
The demon dances in my heart with fire in my soul
I hate that feeling when I´m loosing control.

I wish I could wake up from this nightmare.
I wish I could leave this all and live my life.
But the voices is drive me crezy.
I´m losing my mind.

I wish I could sense the feeling that you have.
Because I hate to feel love
to someone who doesn´t love me back.
Tinna B
1987 - ...
Þetta er blanda frá mér og Ozzy Osbourne með laginu "Ghost behind my eyes", hann er dýrlinkur

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