The pain can go away
In the darkest night
I feel you pain.
In the deepest jungels
I feel it to.

We are the same
we have more hate
than love inside os.
Nothing goes our way,
nothing as we
want it to go.

But I´m so sorry
I have to leave you,
we aren´t the same
I have found the love
and the happyness
and that´s somthing
that won´t go away.

Even thoug i have left you
I´m somewhere around,
just for you and nobody else
I´m here to help you finde
the same feeling that i
have found the peace.
Rán Bachmann
1986 - ...
þetta ljóð er ég ekki viss afhverju er samdi en sendi á og komst lagt i keppni þar inn á geisladisk og bók.

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