The path that never ends
I walk on my path,
it goes on and one.
darknesss surrounds me.
But still i walk.
I sometimes see other people,
walking on their own paths.
They sometimes smile, but it changes,
Changes into a horrid face,
And they try to show me off my path.
Then they continue, and forget about me.
I still walk on, still on my path.
To where I dont know.
I just walk ,
hoping there is something.
Something good,

somthing good on my path..

But when the path will start to end,
will there be anything there?
will I find something or someone? ,
will I jump?

I walk on,
on the neverending path,
it sometimes get narrow,
so narrow I almost fall,
I hang on,
I somehow drag myself up,
and I continue walking,.

The path has changed,
It isn´t as narrow.
And i see people again.
People comming near me.
But are they the same as before?
I try to hide, try to flee.
But my path won´t change.
IT stayes the same and goes the same path.
is there an end?

it hasn´t ended yet...

the path hasn´t ended..
the path goes on.
I am scaredof them.
They seem nice,
but the past path,
there they seemd also nice.
Will they bee the same...?

"I fear the worst.
I know to well of the past path.
A tear escapes my eye,
it flows down and lands on the path.
I stop on my path.
I shake and cry until no tears are left.
Remembering is hard, it means pain.
Memories are something,
something I want to dig and hide forever.
Then, a hand is placed on my shoulder

I freeze,
I can´t move.
Memories run before my eyes.
I build up courage,
look up.
THose eyes,
so full of kindness and sweet things.
He is on his own path,
it is a litte bit from mine,
but it goes the same way,
same way as my path..

He puts out his hand,
his clothes are torn and dirty,
but he shines like diamonds in the sun.
He doesn´t know it,
but I can see it.
I can tell,
tell how he hates his path,
future and past path,
but still he see´s,
see´s the time to help me.
I put out my hand,
reaching for his...

to be continued...
1984 - ...
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Ljóð eftir Cilitra

The path that never ends
My home ,the dark courner
nothing lasts..