nothing lasts..
Things seem at the moment so sad
dark cloudy mind
hiding the sun with all it's might
darkening the soul
bringing pain and sorrow
eating me alive...

Inside it eats
nibble nibble nibble
eating the good memories
leaving the bad momories behind
clouding the mind ,
clouding the happiness
happiness that ones ruled the soul
But now the curtain is closed
THe soul is closed for others
but open for sorrow and bugs of darkness

He came onces
Came into my mind
he smiled and took my hand
he led me from the darkness
that darkness that was about to swallow me
he put his arms around me
and darkness fell like the theator curtains
and behind them was paradise
happiness and love
We sit on the ground
in the arms of true love
with our eyes closed
hoping it will never end.

I sit alone in paradise
slowly it withers away
my hand is empty
and my arms are cold
My body feels cold and empty
no one around and hasn't been for times
He look around, searching
is he there? is he comming again?
he is gone,
not known if he returnes
old leaves fly through the air
into the darksky
looking for a better place.
1984 - ...
Skrifað fyrir löngu eftir að mig dreymdi þennan draum.

Ljóð eftir Cilitra

The path that never ends
My home ,the dark courner
nothing lasts..