My Love song
What is this feeling I´m sensing? I´ve never felt it before.
Sometimes I feel like I´m walking, or floating in the air.

I feel almost overly happy, but miserable at the same time.
I feel like I really want to..... oh damn couldn´t finish that line..

Cause I can´t think straight, and I cant think askew......I think I´m in love with you....

Sometimes I feel like I wanna give up, for this world doesn´t matter to me.
Yeah, nothing really matters to me, unless there´s you, and there´s me.

This feeling is filling my heart, and I think it´s gonna explode.
But getting through the everyday-life is pretty hard, when I can´t stop thinking about you..

But just to think about telling you how I feel, gives my stomach a butterfly,
Cause what would I do if you wouldn´t feel the same? And if this feeling dies...

Because this feeling is what is keeping me alive, and the picture of you in my head,
is enough for me to think that life on this earth, is a pretty good life to live.  
Fallni Engillinn
1988 - ...

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