Summertime blues
I´m sitting here by the window
and thinking of you.
I´m watching the raindrops
fall from the sky.
I wish you were here
for my eyes are so blue.
Sometimes I think
that life is a lie.

I light up a candle
and pray for you.
For God was selfish
when he took you away.
Now you are asleep
and you´ll never wake up.
But the love that we had
is alive today.

Tomorrow will come
and the sun will shine.
The candle has faded
but the memorie is mine.
My love for you
is kept in my heart.
And while it is there
we will never be apart.

Erla Jónsdóttir
1981 - ...
Tileinkað kærum vini.

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Summertime blues
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