My four legged friend
How are you now
my four legged friend
and where are you now
that life has come to an end
You were so fine
and always so good
but sometimes you were misunderstood
I do regret
the times I said you were wrong
when all that you did
is what dogs do all along
it is unfair
your life was so short
but maybe some day I'll meet you there

Where are you now
and what do you do
I want you to know
that I am thinking of you
I miss you dear
now I'm left alone
somehow I still feel that you are near
happy you were
so very glad every day
and so full of life
to think that now you'r away
thank you my friend
for times that we shared
my love for you will never end.  
Helgi Þór
1986 - ...

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My four legged friend
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