On the road of life we walk,
Eyes on the ground,
no time for talk.
I start off at one end
with a dime in my pocket
and a smile in my hand:
There in case I need it,
There for a rainy day.

No one here to leave prints on my heart.
No hand to guide me,
we're always bound to part.
Yes me, myself must watch my way.
Fragile heart,
keep the love away.
I can't let me go astray.
I'd rather wait until tomorrow,
I'm much too young now, anyway.

So now on tomorrow's eve
I sit, I think while my quilt I weave.
And with my eyes of tired red,
I see, I dream of my own bed
To rest my feet
To relax my soul.
Tomorrow's come
but I'm much too old.  
1980 - ...

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