Are you...
Are you doing this just because you know I will always forgive you,
Or do you really think you’re doing the right thing
By fucking other women while you’re dating me.
Or is it just because I’m stupid and don’t see the real world out there,
Or is it just because I live in one, big dream, world full of happiness,
Or am I just in a big dream, dreaming about fake life,
Am I living in a venture, full of pink rabbits and purple giraffes,
How can I get in to the real world, without making any different.
Yeah, of course you tell me you love me and care about how I feel,
But inside, yes I know, inside you don’t give a shit,
All these women are just waiting for you in the bedroom,
I have always known, but never said a word, ‘cause I’m afraid to loose you,
I am a tiny little pawn, playing around the others, no matter how fast I go,
You always win, are you just made to be a winner,
Or am I just made to be a looser, crying all night long, thinking about you,
With all this women how dare you to call me your honey, sweetheart, darling,
I don’t care, these words just go in my other ear and out the other one.
How remarkable it is, how can you lie to your own wife,
every day, every single moment you meet her.
You are such a great asshole, I don’t believe my own eyes,
When I look at you, that beautiful boy, so innocent, so shy,
How can you hide all this in so irritable body, full of love to give,
But you don’t even think about it, just please do it for your own good,
Give your wife a little bit of your love and you’ll see how happy we will be,
are you forgetting something, our kids, they are so many,
You are never at home, how many children do you got, how many wife
do you have out there, are you one of them who just want one night stand,
But that one night stand is about ten night stand, every girl you meet,
Fall in love with you, my babe, I’m pregnant again, please help me understand this,
Is this a perfect life for you, no commitment, just a game every day,
Your needs, it’s all you think about, hey, I hate you!

Kristín Hafsteinsdóttir
1989 - ...
Ég er ekki mjög sleip í enskunni en ég reyni :) alveg hundrað prósent einhverjar málfræðivillur sem ég kem ekki auga á.

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