Biblical Proportions
Light goes fast deeper and deeper
slowly it dies though in the sleepers eyes
hide the only source of power
and learn the will of an hour after hour

Tremendous intouition of none but blackened faces
the heartfelt horrors of the once forgotten past
the sleeping demons that wept in my shadows
they all flee from the passion in your eyes

Cold are my war battered beliefes of religion
sleeping in the youth, you still must hail the towers
that were built to house the Gods themselves
is this not just a minipulation of powers
carved in the idiotic beliefes of men

Truly the only great rules of this world
are taught in the divine wisdom of wim
their spacious reasoning constrains the light
that shines from the heavens down on us

Trust not in the ones who believe
they betray all for their blasphemies
they call together the arms of women
who are controlled by the simple will of men

slowly we rise against moronic thoughts
as the will to be great greatens
and the outcome of biblical proportions
will be the extinction of mankind
oh how “God” is to us kind.
Aron Bragi Baldursson
1991 - ...
Smá af mínum skoðunum um trúarbrögð.

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Biblical Proportions
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