Haven\\\'t forgotten.
Life seemed so hard just a few days ago,
now it seems I\'m feeling better,
haven\'t forgotten her,
but I\'ve come to be happy with what I get,
and I got friendsship wich is one of the best gifts,

anyone can give a person in need,
in the begining he may not be satisfied,
but in the end he will gain happiness,
wich is everything a man can ask for,
a girl for a great friend and happiness,
what more is there to life,

oh yeah there\'s love,
but love isn\'t something you can just thrust upon someone
even if it doesn\'t come early on
in the end you will have a girl for a great friend, love and happiness.  
Jóhannes Geir Ólafsson
1992 - ...

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Haven\\\'t forgotten.
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