Treat love right.
You\'ve all heard about the rose.
Well now she\'s all forgotten and gone with the wind,
love comes and goes, just like summer and winter.
every year there is one love,
a girl or boy, you think you love, think you belong with,

Most of the time, they\'re nothing but a quick crush,
soon forgotten like a simple brush on you\'re cheek,
love comes for everyone, even the geek.

You\'ve just got to wait, soon enough you\'ll find your one,
who you will cherish and love forever,
you\'ll have her picture on you wherever you go,
and they will love you as much back
even when you die, you will allways belong in they\'re hearts.

Everyone will find true love in life,
even the geek you thought was lame,
soon he\'ll have all the chicks and all the fame,
just because he used time to learn and mature.

Now he\'s bathing in his hot tub,
while you mop floors in his basement,
you better treat everyone right
cause you might just be working for the nerd in couple of years.  
Jóhannes Geir Ólafsson
1992 - ...

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