Nobody special
nobody special
thats who I am
when you\'re a nobody
you can\'t talk
you don\'t have a right to be heard
you don\'t have an appinion
you don\'t have feelings
you\'re just another body in the crowd
nobody special isn\'t supposed to be loud
you shouldn\'t breath
you shouldn\'t live
you\'re a plaything for someone to use
physically, sexually, mentally abuse

you\'re filled up with lies
that\'s you purpose
your hair is soft, yor lips feel nice
it isn\'t true
it is a lie
you should be melt down like a cube of ice
then you\'d turn into water
a nobody shouldn\'t be seen
a nobody shouldn\'t die
he doesn\'t diserve it
you may think it lame
just a game?
but a nobodys life is torture and pain  
1986 - ...

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Nobody special
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