Dreams and reality
I had this dream last night
once again
about you and me.
I met you last weekend
once again
it was you and me.

But my dream is different
different from reality

In my dream you love me
In my dream you kiss me
In my dream you touch me
In my dream I\'m yours
In my dream I\'m not afraid
afraid of telling you what\'s in my heart
In my dream I\'m not afraid
afraid of telling you about my feelings

In real life we\'re just friends
In real life you don\'t love me
In real life I\'m not yours
Sometimes you kiss me
Sometimes you touch me
It feels so right
But it\'s just that, nothing more
Still it get\'s my hopes up
you wouldn\'t do this if you didn\'t
in someway find me attractive...
Would you?

In real life I\'m a coward
so afraid to tell you...
so afraid you\'ll deny me and never talk to me again.
You melt my heart...
Teresa Dröfn Freysdóttir
1991 - ...

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