The truth is a lie
I extinguish the light
render it\'s death.
There is no light,
light is dead.

Lying on your altar
hoping to be spareed
my love lies bleeding
please take me instead.

As told by the holy ones
my lessens to learn
jouney to a world afar
and seek the truth of faith

I sat out to find the truth
I travelled far
By the time I got to you
you were already dead
and the darkness whispered to me
so sweetly:
\"The truth you seeketh is a lie\"

The I know I had been betrayed
used by the holy ones
They knew I couldn\'t save you
so they sent me
to finish this pointless crusade

Falling to my knees
strained and out of breath
dissapointed, discovering
my whole life was a lie
repeating over and over again
in my head
\"The truth you seeketh is a lie\"
that is the only truth left in this world.  
Teresa Dröfn Freysdóttir
1991 - ...

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