Dedicated to you
I\'d never think you\'d do this
I\'d never think you\'d betray me like this
What was wrong?
Was it something I said, something I did?
Am I too ugly, am I too fat?
We had so much in common
What did she have that I didn\'t have?
What did she show that I didn\'t show?
Please tell me it\'s not true
Please tell me it\'s a lie
I never told you this, I loved you
Would it had made any difference if I had?
This has ruined me completely
I got sad, I got drunk and cryed
all those tears I cryed were for you
Each tear had a memory
A figure of time we shared
A fragment of my life
You said you wouldn\'t hurt me no more
You can\'t handle hurtnig me
I can\'t handle to loose you
although I already have
I am nothing, I am already dead
You killed me and yet
I remain as dedicated to you as this song  
Teresa Dröfn Freysdóttir
1991 - ...

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