For all the people who suffer like I do
abandoned by their love
Their hopes and dreams shattered by denial
Forced into the shadow of sadness

Mother never cared, father gone away
all alone loved by nobody
Then you came along
The only one who cared
The only one that ever showed me love

I loved you but you were afraid
Afraid of being loved
Afraid of being happy
You sacrificed your true happiness for your own image of being happy

And I suffer, cause I long for you
Abandoned by you
My hopes and dreams shattered by your greatness
Forced to live in the shadow of sadness

Drenched in my blood I lay
And since I can\'t have your love
I just want to let go
Because I can\'t live without your touch

So it\'s best for me to leave this world
A world that doesn\'t love me
A world that doesn\'t want me
So really I should just let go but I wonder
How will you react to the news of my death
Will you even shed a tear?
I can\'t go on
Because I\'m shattered  
Teresa Dröfn Freysdóttir
1991 - ...

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