Catch me
I\'m falling so fast through this abyss
I know the landing will kill me
Please won\'t somebody grab me?
Save me?

Soft, strong arms catch me
I\'m saved
I look at my saviour
It\'s you
We share a long deep kiss

Happiness isn\'t present in this world
just as I started feeling happy
I opened my eyes
I saw I was lying all alone in my dark room

And realized that it was just a dream
nothing more...
Does happiness even excist?
Because I know from my own experience that it\'s never permanent
It allways fades away and leaves you in darkness

That\'s when the hopelessness, lonelyness, sadness
reality hits you.

I wish it wasn\'t a dream
I wish it was actually reality.

Maybe this is a dream, this sad place
and the vision in my dream is actually the real reality?

I wish...  
Teresa Dröfn Freysdóttir
1991 - ...

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