Open your eyes
Discover it
Realize it
Accept it

Discover me
Realize me
Accept me

Lying here this close to you
Staring at your face
Looking in your eyes
Waiting for you to say it....
Say what we\'re both thinking

My chest rises, hard to breathe
Cuz you take my breath away
Butterflies fluttering
Body shaking, disire

Your kiss so unique, so deep
I\'m lost in your kiss
trembling with desire and lust
I desire you

Your touch so gentle
Your body so fragile
But you are so cautious
Are you afraid that I will hurt you?
Betray you?
Trust me!

Your orgasmic piece
fits right in my puzzle
It\'s the missing piece I needed
I want you

This was one time
I want it to last
Open your eyes
Lower your guard
I won\'t hurt you

Discover it
Realize it
Accept it

Discover me
Realive me
Accept me

Discover love
Realize love
Accept love

I wanna give it to you  
Teresa Dröfn Freysdóttir
1991 - ...

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