Something in your eyes
My life seems so dull sometimes
so incomplete.
I get so lonely sometimes,
I long for you my sweet.
I just can\'t figure you out,
what is it that you want?
I wish I could be the one to give it to you...

The things you say imply you don\'t
but the things you do say that you do.
What am I supposed to read out of it?
Is there a secret message hidden in there,
or is it just my imagination hoping there is?

I feel like I\'m worth nothing in your eyes,
just another fuck.
You act like your looking for something better,
what is wrong with what I have to offer?

Sometimes I get so lonely,
Sometimes I\'m decaying,
Sometimes my life is fading,
Sometimes I\'m invisable
Sometimes you see me

I am nobody in your eyes
I am nothing in your eyes
You\'re looking for something better
what is it?

I wish I was somebody in your eyes
I wish I was something better in your eyes
I wish you\'d show me some intrest
I wish you\'d want me

Just look me in the eyes and tell me:
that sometimes I\'m somebody in your eyes
that sometimes I\'m the best
that sometimes you\'re intrested
that sometimes you want me

Because I get so nervous around you
can\'t breathe
I\'m so afraid of denial
that I can\'t even tell you this

Just sitting here, hoping,
that possibly you\'d stumble upon this poem
and realize I\'m talking about you.

If you do and you don\'t want me
please bring it to me gently
cuz right now I\'m so fragile
that I could break into a million pieces
and get blown away with the wind.

Don\'t hurt my feeling...

I just wish I was worth something in your eyes  
Teresa Dröfn Freysdóttir
1991 - ...

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