My life seems so dull, so incompleted
so worthless, I just simly wanna break down and cry
My thoughts streach towards you
I need you
Can\'t you tell?
Can\'t you see it in my eyes?
Cuz sometimes I just wanna die
Sometimes I feel so dead
Everyday without your love is hurting me
Yet you said you won\'t hurt me no more
Sometimes I just wanna die

There just ain\'t no way surviving this painful life without you
And I don\'t wanna feel this pain
At night I cry in vain, for so long, it seems forever
It never goes away
I just wish I was someone in your eyes
I wish I was something better
Please tell me I\'m someone
Please tell me that you cared
Cuz I never can forget this pain
Don\'t make me cry no more
Don\'t make me hurt no more
Just look me in the eyes and tell me
that sometimes you feel the same
and sometimes you wish me back  
Teresa Dröfn Freysdóttir
1991 - ...

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