I miss you
From the wounds that you left me
floats my decay
You left me bleeding
life fading away
You gave me pain
I wanted to die
Yet even though you murdered me
I can\'t help but miss you
because you were so special
you understood me

You were just like me
hurting inside
You showed me I wasn\'t alone
then you left me all alone
and I miss you
and even though it lasted short
even though I never said so
I loved you, still do
and I miss you so much

It hurts when I see you
stabbing at my heart

But I must face it
it\'s been a long time
and you hate me
you don\'t care

I just wish you could see the world through my eyes
feel my pain
share my sorrow
just for once

But it\'s pointless
you don\'t care
and worst of all....

you don\'t even seem to know  
Teresa Dröfn Freysdóttir
1991 - ...

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