My dream is lost
I had a little dream
That dream was dear to me
It wasn’t that little
It was rather big
But now it’s lost
My dream is ruined
And I don’t know if I’ll get it back

But then what will I dream of?

I’ll dream of me getting out of this darkness
And in to the sunlight
I’ll dream that one day I’ll have enough self esteem
Enough so that I know what I can and want to do
I’ll dream that it will happen soon
Very soon

I hope that this dream will come true
And I will not loose it
Because I believe that everything happens for a reason
And I hope that God has great plans for me
Plans that I can fulfil

We’ll just have to wait and see
I hope that I won’t be tired of waiting
And do something that I will regret

I hope that I will stop whining and do something about my life

Rannveig Iðunn 30. des 2005
Rannveig Iðunn
1987 - ...

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