Alone in the dark
There once was a little girl
She was only six
She had a teddy
It was big and protective
She was afraid
She was so little
She didn’t understand
What was going on
She just laid there
In the dark
In her room
All alone
And waited
Waited for someone
She knew that he would come
He always did
She just had to wait
It was better to be awake,
Then have him wake her up
Was this normal
It was not good
She wasn’t going to ask anyone
If this was normal
It was private
She just waited
Stared in the dark
Until she heard footsteps
“Oh dear teddy hold me now”
The door opened
He was here

Rannveig Iðunn 10. jan 2006
Rannveig Iðunn
1987 - ...
Þetta ljóð er ekki tengt mínum minningum eða lífi mínu á nokkurn hátt.

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